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IAG2017 – International Rope Skipping Tournament

General information The IAG Sport event will take place from May 25th – 28th 2017 and will be organised for the fifth time in and around the Flik-Flak and Maaspoort facilities. Different gymnastic sports and disciplines will have their competitions simultaneously in multiple areas of the campus. In this year’s edition, rope skipping will also […]

2nd World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship EGER – HUNGARY

2nd World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship will be held at EGER, HUNGARY April 17 – 21 April 2017. We are proud to announce 2nd World Inter-School to Maklári Bosch Kötélugró Klub, EGER HUNGARY. Well know Rope Skipping administrator and President of Hungarian Rope Skipping Federation Ms. Apostol-Kovács Judit will lead host committee. Very soon we are going […]

2nd International Rope Skipping Camp 2017 – The Netherlands

INTERNATIONAL ROPE SKIPPING CAMP 2017 THÉ ROPE SKIPPING CAMP FOR EVERYONE Acquire new skills, meet awesome people for Holland, Belgium, Germany en Austria with a good balans between rope skipping and a lot of fun! After 20 years of Rope Skipping in The Netherlands , the first official recreation camp was organized in December 2015. A smashing success! […]

Jump Rope/Rope Skipping @ “Chinese Today” 2016 Vol8 – Mr Leung Kin Cheung York (member Rope-NCU)

中國香港跳繩體育聯會主席梁健璋先生接受《今日華人》雜誌訪問,談及推動跳繩運動的經過和展望,刊於中文版2016年第8期。 Mr Leung Kin Cheung York, the chairman of HKRSF, was interviewed by the “Chinese Today” magazine. He talks about the experience and prospect of the jump rope. The interview are published on “Chinese Today” 2016 Vol 8.

TAFISA and Rope Skipping/Jump Rope

Tafisa starts today, FISAC-IRSF were given special invite to demonstrate our sport, IOC will be there too. Waiting for our demo team from Hong Kong, who will be arriving here today. Ron Kappert, the Executive Director, and Past President will be the International delegate representing FISAC-IRSF. (publish on fb of FISAC-IRSF)

upcoming 4 Double Dutch contest in ASIA

We would love to announce upcoming 4 DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST in Asia so please check the official DDCW website. http://doubledutchcontest.net/index.html “DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST HONG KONG VOL.7” Date : Oct 30th (Sun) 2016 Website : http://www.hkdda.com.hk facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hkdda “DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST SHANGHAI VOL.3” Date : Nov 5th (Sat) & 6th(Sun) 2016 Website : http://www.ropeskipping.com.cn/index.php/home/eindex *They […]

Double Dutch Contest Shangai, China 2016

Hey Jumpers! Come and show your talent on the 6th of November at Double Dutch Contest Shanghai, China. The top 3 routines of each age division are going to be rewarded by money: RMB 3000 – 1st place, RMB 2000- 2nd place, RMB 1500- 3rd place. The fastest team of the whole speed event that […]