NDDL: National Double Dutch League: 25th Annual, David A. Walker Memorial, Double Dutch Holiday Classic

NDDL 25th Annual, David A. Walker
Memorial, Double Dutch Holiday Classic. The Holiday Classic will take place Sunday, December 4th,
2016, 1:00 – 4:00pm, at the world famous Apollo Theater.

Is your team interested in participating? Please contact Lauren Walker  via email: lauren@nddl.org

More information about NDDL? please click on next botton for facebook – website – location:




Arnold Classic Asia 阿諾國際體育節(亞洲站)

Arnold Classic Asia | The world’s largest annual multi-sport festival is coming to Hong Kong 19-21 August, 2016.

阿諾國際體育節(亞洲站) | 全球最大型體育節將於8月19至21日在香港舉行。

Arnold World 2016

=> video

=> location (The AsiaWorld–Expo is one of the two major convention and exhibition facilities in Hong Kong along with Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was opened on 21 December 2005 by Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and it is operated by AsiaWorld–Expo Management Limited. It is located on Chek Lap Kok island, next to Hong Kong International Airport.)

Check this out @ our calendar and find more about it or other events.

Vivien Vajda: 1st Jump Roper/Rope Skipper who carries the Olympic Torch

On the 1st of august was Vivien Vajda the first JumpRoper/Rope Skipper ever who has the honour to carry the Olympic torch.

Vivien Vajda:

I was proud and happy to carry the OLYMPIC TORCH and share this moment with my family and my friends YUE DONG DREAM MIX TEAM and HIRO. Big shout out for independent DREAM MIX INTERNATIONAL JUMP ROPE TEAM for the great performance that they’ve done for the torch relay event.

Micsoda élmény és megtiszteltetés vinni az Olympiai fákját, érezni a tömeg szeretetét és örömét! Köszönöm Istenem, hogy egy ilyen lehetösèget kaphattam az èlettöl.

Que emoção mágico levar a Tocha Olympica e sentir o entusiasmo do povo. Obrigada Deus por essa oportunidade!

Brazil: Vivien Vajda

China: Seven Li,Panda Xie,Tony Wu,Kelvin Li,JQ Wang,Ethan Xu,David Han,Guo Sihua

Japan:Hiroma Kurono

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two World Records broken @ Swedish Open Tournament Fisac-Irsf (Sweden)

On the Swedish Open Tournament (monday 25th july 2016), organized by Fisac-Irsf, have two teams in their event broken a World Record.

  1. Team Hong Kong 32 – Male Team 15+ – (Cheuk Him Au, Cheuk Kiu Au , Wai Ho Mok , Wai Chi Ng , Tsz Hei Fong) has broken a new WR in the event Double Dutch Speed relay (4 x 45sec). Fisac count 618 steps (richt foot).
  2.  Team China 35 – Female Team 15+ – (Wei Tian, Xinrong Leng, Yan Fang, Lu Huang, Xuelian Li) has broken a new WR in the event Double Dutch Speed relay (4x45sec). Fisac count 594 steps (right foot).

Congratulations at both teams!!

Welcome @ Rope-NCU

This site offers the possibility to have the rope skipping/jump rope closer to your home. Feel free to look arround this site and discover what we have to offer. A world map is available with links to continents, countries and their organisations. The site includes a calendar where all international championships are located. A forum where National Coaches and Head of Delegations receive access. This is just a small selection of the possibilities.

Sven De Vlam

2nd ERSO Show Contest @ Prague – Czech Republic

The 2nd ERSO Show Contest “SC2016”, which will take place this year on November 19th will be held at the city of Prague in the Czech Republic, hosted by the Czech Rope Skipping Association.

Congrats to the Czech Rope Skipping Association!

More information @ www.erso.info